A First look at R

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R U ready? Let’s jump in and get our hands dirty! In this course you will learn some of the basic concepts of R, how R works, entering and working with data, and obtaining statistical summaries. The lessons include fully interactive blocks of R code to both illustrate concepts as well as allowing you to modify the code and run in real-time. Our philosophy at ECOTOX-U is very much learning by doing!

The course has 8 components. These are:

  • Running R
  • Basic R operations and Concepts
  • Assignment, Object names, and Data types
  • Vectors
  • Functions and Expressions
  • More advanced concepts
  • Miscellaneous commands
  • Quiz

Make sure you have R and/or R studio installed on your computer before starting this course. If you need help in setting up, click here to go to our free tutorial.

If you’re new to R, watch the short video below to see the various ways R can be run.

A PDF file of the course notes is available from our store (click button below). Price is $20 without enrollment and 50% off for enrolled students.


Course Content

Interactive tutorial