EDA Fundamentals using R

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The lessons include fully interactive blocks of R code to both illustrate concepts as well as allowing you to modify the code and run in real-time. Our philosophy at ECOTOX-U is very much learning by doing!

The course has 8 components. These are:

  • topic 1
  • Quiz

Often overlooked or minimized, the process of getting to know your data through the use of the tools and techniques of exploratory data analysis is an essential component of sound statistical analysis. This course will walk you through the fundamentals of exploring your data using a combination of visual, tabular, and numeric tools using the R software in an interactive learning mode. Videos are embedded within the course which you can start and stop as you learn to manipulate data and tease out important features. This course is a must if you’re new to R and data processing.

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A PDF file of the course notes is available from our store (click button below). Price is $30 without enrollment and 50% off for enrolled students.