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    Thanks for the very informative SSD Session, I have two follow up questions:

    • It was very informative with David’s comments on bimodal distribution, I have (perhaps wrongly) assumed when we see some bimodal distribution in DTA SSDs it was likely due to different species (or species types) being more or less sensitive to than the others to different contaminants present or some be more sensitive to the additive/ synergistic effects of the mixture.  This is probably a lot more complex than most of my clients want to get into though.
    • Additionally, regarding concentration response data analysis I am interested in looking at alternative stat packages for deriving our statistical endpoints (ECx values) for our toxicity data. We like a few other labs are reliant on Toxcalc.  I know its limitations especially as really has no updates and support with it reliant on excel 2003 to run the plugin. I have looked at CETUS but again not sure about ongoing support and it was more difficult to use than ToxCalc for our purposes.   It would be great to have a nice plug and play stat package (perhaps as a R based package like BurrliOZ is?) as a replacement for ToxCalc for us that are not good with statistics and don’t know how to properly use R, but are good at running bioassays.

    Many thanks,

    Tristan Stringer